Independent creative studio based in Buenos Aires

Communicating with vision

Creating stories, developing text with images, embracing the happening to go for the storytelling for any purpose and meaning.

Creating Wolrds

Every frame, every image has a composition and in all the content there is a meaning. The brain gives you explanations of everything he sees. The all, together form the story in that small piece of image or video. Put it in a context with other elements that is a big story, like a universe where that is happening or believing.

The Judgement

Analyzing a film piece is threatening and vicious. The judgment of that is very relative, no objective. That’s why scoring the elements in amazing or normal is the best way to do it. In the end, the relation with the spectator is an element too, and it must be rated, but is not a big influence on the final score.
A piece of art in cinema is always great, because it was done it, it concludes it, many ideas, images and stories are buried in pits where nobody gonna ever take it outside. So if a movie was made is automatically a score, a goal made, the rest of the elements involved can be grade for adding points to that.